Aluminium Bronze C63000

One of the American grades of nickel Aluminium bronze. Aluminium bronze C63000 contains around 10% Aluminium, 5% nickel and 3% iron .The alloy offers an inherent high strength and hardness combined with a very good toughness and an excellent resistance to wear, shock and abrasion.

Offers a good corrosion,  erosion and cavitation resistance to sea water and few other non-oxide acids. Hence mostly used in Oil and gas and marine environment. Also offers high retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperature, making it suitable for aerospace applications.

• Aluminium is the main alloying metal added to copper in contrast to standard bronze (copper/tin)
• Higher strength and corrosion resistance compared to other bronzes
• Resistance to corrosion in seawater
• Material reacts with atmospheric oxygen to create a tough layer of Aluminium oxide
• Commonly used in the marine sector, oil and petrochemical industries (non sparking environments)
• Used in the manufacture of valves and fasteners